Awesome Alien Conquest LEGO Set

Here is a picture of an awesome LEGO set I got for Christmas called Alien Conquest (LEGO set 7065). It is 416 pieces, so you would need to like big LEGO sets to want to build it. Even still, it is worth it once you finish building it. The three characters that come with the set are the Alien Clinger, which I like to call, “Minion”, the Alien Commander, which I like to call, “Galacto”, and a reporter, which I don’t have a name for. I guess I based those names from different movies like Despicable Me and Monsters Vs. Aliens. The mothership makes a sound if you twist the main spaceship pod. It sounds like the ship is sucking someone into the ship (like the reporter). The ship also has a big claw that I use to grab things (like the reporter). I would recommend this set to anyone who likes to build LEGO sets.

Alien Conquest LEGO Set

Garden Hose Math Maze

Here’s another maze that my math teacher gave us. This one is a little different than the others because the object is to jump over lines instead of figuring out a path. I think it makes the maze a little more fun.

Garden Hose Maze

Math Twisty Maze Brainteaser

Here is another challenging math maze I got from math class. You have to turn left or right only and can’t move in a straight line. You can’t make a u-turn either.

Math Twisty Maze