Directorial Projects

Celebration: Disney’s Town of Yesterday – Documentary covering the history and culture of the town Disney built: Celebration, Florida.

Breathless – Short film set during a zombie outbreak, following a man caring for his undead wife, hoping she is not beyond saving.

Frames – Short film exploring the past and present of the Los Angeles area.

Zinka Spec Commercial: “Zinka Endures” – Showcasing Zinka sunscreen, and that “Today, and Everyday… Zinka Endures.”

Pringles Spec Commercial: “Just One More” – Follows a man who cannot resist “Just One More” Pringle.

Rain – Short film following Sadie Thompson as she pleads for her life, and stands against Reverend Davidson, who seeks to redeem her soul.

Flutter – Short film following a girl caught in the darkness of her dreams.

The Breakfast Symphony – Short film exploring the rhythms of cooking.

Speak of the Devil – Joe, a small time internet personality, gets the chance to interview the Devil himself.

XII – Short film shot in a ghost town, where the lead character is on a journey to discover how he ended up in the desert. A spiritual successor to my “Hope in the Desert” project listed below.

A Toast – Music video where the main character deals with the complicated results of fame, and how those around him change with his success.

Bridal Lash Bash Commercial – A commercial for a local bridal lash studio.

Additional Credits

Leading the Way

Production Intern (Winter 2018) – Worked with a production company, where I cataloged video files and verified the quality of the productions released. 

DDP Yoga Studio

Production Intern (Summer 2016) – Worked on a live video production set, gaining first hand experience with live streaming, camera operation, script writing, Tricaster operation, editing, animating, minimal acting, and behind the scenes setup during the Summer of 2016.

References are available upon request.