Whispering Spirits: The Bride

Whispering Spirits follows Frank Rhodes, a psychologist traveling across midwestern America, seeking out ghosts, and helping them cross over from our world, into the light.

This is a pilot script for a network-style television series, written by myself. Enjoy!

(For best viewing, click the menu button to minimize the page scroller, and zoom to 100%. Or feel free to download the script.)


“Breathless” is a horror-drama short film, following the story of a husband caring for his wife after she is turned into a zombie — hoping that someday, she may heal.


Below is my short film “Touch”, created by and starring myself. It was shot with very little equipment during the pandemic, about a year ago. Created start to finish in the span of one week.

Also, watch on Vimeo.


I recently did a mini photo series titled “Amorphic”, simply focused on making familiar objects seem odd and unfamiliar. The photos are listed below.

Music Video: A Toast

I recently collaborated with Atlanta artist Shac from da3 to write and direct a music video entitled “A Toast”, where the artist looks back at those who have boosted him to success. Feel free to check it out! The credits for all other crew member and actors are in the video description.

Lego LittleBigPlanet 3: Sackboy and the Gang Battle a Titan!


Recently, I submitted an idea to LEGO Ideas. LEGO Ideas is a website where you can submit new ideas for LEGO sets or themes. To get LEGO to actually consider your idea for a set, you must get 10,000 supporters in one year. I’m just going to come out and ask everybody to please vote for me!!


Above is what the set would look like. The “Titan” is the final boss in LittleBigPlanet 3, and I have included all of the characters from the game. The “bomb” is for Swoop to throw into the Titan machine, and the redish block is for Toggle to break through and not get thrown off the machine. All of the minifigure pieces are from previous minifigs, so the only new things are new stickers. Please watch the video below if you would like to see the set in Lego Digital Designer and for instructions on how to support. Thanks again, and please support and tell your friends!

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review/Trivia!

Hey guys! I’m back with another video, where I review Guardians of the Galaxy. I’ll also be touching on some facts you may not have known about the movie. There are spoilers, so be warned. Make sure to like, subscribe, and leave your comments!


Note: I decided to mention Peter Quill’s dad last-minute and found myself unprepared. I said his dad’s name in the next movie could be Alex, but it’s Adam Warlock. Sorry for any confusion, I’m making a video to talk about his dad specifically.