Film Projects

At a very young age, I began creating and telling stories; some were dramatic, some were action-packed, but across all genres I found myself constantly looking for ways to improve my storytelling abilities. When I discovered filmmaking, I knew it would be the medium through which I would further craft my artistic voice, because it allows the storyteller to not only control what is being told, but how it is visually presented. This discovery has led me to pursue becoming a director, which will allow me to best pursue my passion for visual storytelling.

As a filmmaker primarily, much of my work on this website is focused on the movies I create. Feel free to follow me as I keep crafting my directorial voice. My Vimeo Page is where I post all of my latest videos. You can also check out my YouTube page if you’d prefer.

To keep up with me outside of this site, feel free to follow me on Instagram at @hellotylerfilms.