Annoying Orange

showposterI have a new favorite TV show. It is called, “Annoying Orange” and is based on a YouTube series. The YouTube series became so popular that it was picked up as a show on Cartoon Network. Every Friday, a new YouTube episode is made available also. Here is a link to the “realannoyingorange” YouTube channel.

The premise of the show is about an annoying orange named “Orange”. Obviously, he loves to annoy everyone and then laughs whenever they get mad. Most of the characters are fruit. Some are toys or other objects. There are a few humans in the show. In the YouTube episodes, the setting is a kitchen. However, in the Cartoon Network show, the setting is a grocery store.

The animation style is a picture of a real piece of fruit with video of a person’s eyes and mouth overlaying the picture. It is pretty simple, but the show is funny because Orange is always coming up with jokes to annoy whoever he is talking to.

To show you how funny the show is, here is my favorite episode from the YouTube series:

This is an episode where Orange and his friend interrupt Cobb’s phone conversations by yelling “Wazzup!” over and over.