Green Lantern Sly Cooper Variant Story

Here is a background story I made for the Sly Cooper Green Lantern Variant. This story may change, depending on how Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time ends. Here is a link to the page with all of the Green Lantern Variants. I would like to make a Dimitri variant as well, but I can’t find a good enough quality picture. If you find one, send it to me on my wall on the wiki, and I’ll give you credit.

In Brightest Day, In blackest night, no LOOT shall escape my sight…

Sometime after the events of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Sly Cooper went back to Rajan’s temple, looking for any expensive loot. He entered a building, and found an old spice shipment crate. He smashed it open, and found a green lantern ring. Bentley said, “Sly, my sensors are going crazy!Sly Cooper Green Lantern Flying It’s that ring, it must hold great power!”, so Sly put it on. He immediately was changed into a green suit with a quick flash. Confused, Sly ran on some rooftops to clear his mind.

Sly began jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He jumped off a rooftop, expecting to land on another one. He looked down, and a fast river was underneath him. Sly closed his eyes, praying that something would save him. After a minute or two, he realized that he hadn’t landed. He was FLYING. He flew back on a rooftop, even more confused than before. He thought for a minute, and remembered Bentley’s words. “…It’s that ring, it must hold great power!” Just then, a guard hit him. His ring gave him great altitude, and he fell on another rooftop, and smashed into another spice crate. After being hit into that crate, he became slightly disoriented. He started swiping his cane left and right, and a green cane appeared and hit the guard into the river. It was then that he realized that he could create green objects.

Sly went back to the safehouse and told the gang all that had happened. Then Bentley hacked into the ring, and found out what it was for. He said that he hadn’t ever heard of the Green Lantern Corps, and that he suspected it was from a different dimension. After that, Bentley made copies of the ring for each member of the gang.

Sly Cooper Gang Green Lantern Variants

Here are some pictures that I’ve made for fun. They are the Cooper gang, only as Green Lanterns. I’m going to also make a Dimitri Green Lantern, I just need to find a good quality picture. Here is a link that you can get to each of their pages. I might need to change some of the backstory, depending on how Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time ends.

My Artwork was featured in Sonic Universe #40 Comic

I sent in a funny comic strip to Archie Comics in hopes that they would include it in the Fan Art page of one of the Sonic The Hedgehog comics. I was very lucky to have mine included in Sonic Universe Issue 40. I received the latest issue in the mail the other day. I was shocked when I saw the Fan Art page as I flipped through the issue.


Sunnyside Explosion
Sunnyside Explosion

In the comic series, Dr. Eggman has recently built the Death Egg Mark II. My comic strip takes place right after he has revealed his invention. In my story, Dr. Eggman is telling his nephew, Snively how to fix the wiring in the machine. As you can see, things don’t go according to plan.

I hope you enjoy it and hope you decide to pick up issue 40 of Sonic Universe. Sonic Universe is an expansion of the Sonic The Hedgehog comic series. It shows stories that don’t always include Sonic but often include his friends and enemies. I really like it. I also subscribe to the Sonic The Hedgehog series, which is the main Sonic comic. Both are good but they are different in how the stories are divided. Sonic Universe is usually divided into four issue mini series, while Sonic The Hedgehog is just one continuous story. Archie also publishes the Mega Man comic, which I subscribe to also.

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Treasure Competition

There is a contest going on right now for the new Sly Cooper Thieves in Time game, made by Sanzaru Games. The contest is a treasure design for an artifact for Sly to be able to steal in the game. The winners will get a PS Vita and their treasures will be featured in the game. I was going to enter, but I am not eligible because I live in the United States and the contest is only available to people outside of the US. I decided to go ahead and finish my drawing anyway and I emailed it to Sanzaru Games anyway. I hope they view it. Obviously I won’t win but I wanted them to see it anyway. Here it is:

Mysterious Monkey Statue

The Mysterious Monkey statue is actually Sanzaru’s mascot I guess since it is part of their logo. I have seen some video previews of the game and it looks really cool. I think they have done a good job taking over the Sly Cooper series. I hope it is even better than the originals.

Here is a link to a video that shows some Sly 4 gameplay. Sorry I couldn’t embed the video itself.

Wiki profile page update

I know that I said that I wouldn’t keep posting updates about the Sly Cooper Wiki, but I am making an exception because I have updated my profile page with fan art and links to other pages that I’ve made. I have the links at the bottom to the other pages that I’ve made on the wiki. One of the links on the page is to a story I wrote about me and my sister secretly being in the Sly Cooper Series. I’m known as Ty the Wolf in the story, and my sister is known as Ash the Leopard. I have pages for both of them too, but as of right now, I have only given a picture and basic info on the pages. Here are some pictures that I posted:


Ty the Wolf
Ty the Wolf


Ash the Leopard
Ash the Leopard


Ty Gliding
Ty Gliding


P.S. I’ve already reached 200 edits to the Sly Cooper Wiki! My 200th edit was the creation of the My Part in the Sly Cooper Story page.

Sly Cooper Artwork 3

Here is the third photo of my Sly Cooper Color Blanks. This is the second scene where Sly, Bentley, and Murray are about to make their getaway with the loot on top of their van. There is also Inspector Carmelita Fox in the scene, who is trying to arrest the Cooper Gang, namely Sly. There is also the mechanical villain, Clockwerk, hiding off to the side. I colored all of the Color Blanks with sharpie markers, including my latest color blank, the Cooper van. Here it is:


Sly Cooper Artwork 3
Sly Cooper Artwork 3

Sly Cooper + Kirby!

Here are some pictures that I drew that are mixtures of Sly Cooper Characters and Kirby. Sly Cooper characters are from the Sly Cooper video game series that I love so much. Kirby is a round, pink character made by Nintendo. I thought they would make a funny mixture. Here are the pictures I drew:

Sly Kirby and Kirbylita
Sly Kirby and Kirbylita


Sly Kirby, "The Kirby", and Bentley the Kirby
Sly Kirby, “The Kirby”, and Bentley the Kirby

Sly Cooper Artwork 2

I’ve added two more characters to my Sly Cooper artwork. The girl is Inspector Carmelita Fox, who is chasing Sly Cooper. The angry owl flying above Bentley and Murray is called “Clockwerk”. Clockwerk used to be immortal until Sly destroyed him … twice. He is now destroyed, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back in Sly Cooper Thieves In Time since the gang is using time travel. Here is a picture. By the way, the figures are called Color Blanks. I found them at Target in the art section. I color them with markers.

Sly Cooper Fan Art

Happy Birthday Sly!

It’s Sly Cooper’s birthday! Today is the ninth anniversary of when Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus was released. This is one of the video games that started it all for me. I still remember the day that my dad rented it. He went to the video store to rent “Donald Duck Going Quackers.” The store didn’t have that game, so my dad decided to rent Sly Cooper instead. Without Sly I may not be into video games as much, have taken a game creator class, or have made this blog or my podcast! To celebrate this memorable day, I have made some fan art as a birthday present that I would like to share. Happy Birthday Sly!

Sly Fan Art
Murray and Bentley are stealing the loot, while Sly is leaving his little “signature note.”