Big Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time News

I have come across some news that the moderator of the Sly Cooper wiki posted. He posted a screenshot of all of the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time episode titles. By looking at the titles, I could figure out which of Sly’s ancestors are going to be featured in the game. This is all subject to change, and I am not 100% sure that these are the right ancestors.

Here are the episode names:

  • Paris Prologue
  • Turning Japanese
  • Go West Young Raccoon
  • Clan of the Cave Raccoon
  • Holy Grail Robin!
  • Forty Thieves
  • Paris Epilogue
  • Minigamnes

Here are the ancestors that I think are going to be featured in the game:

  • Rioichi Cooper
  • Tennessee “Kid” Cooper
  • Slaigh MacCooper
  • Sir Galleth
  • Salim al Kupar of Arabia
  • Sly’s Father cameo appearance

This answers a lot of questions that were on the Sly Cooper Wiki and I hope it answers some of your questions about Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Sly Cooper 4 Thieves In Time: NEW PS Vita Trailer

I was very excited when I found out that Sly Cooper Thieves In Time will be playable on the PS Vita. Not only is it playable on the PS Vita, but you can start the game on the PS Vita and continue on the PS3, or vice versa! Also, you only have to buy the game for one of the systems to be able to play on both. I don’t have a Vita but I hope to get one someday. Here is the trailer:


Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Treasure Competition

There is a contest going on right now for the new Sly Cooper Thieves in Time game, made by Sanzaru Games. The contest is a treasure design for an artifact for Sly to be able to steal in the game. The winners will get a PS Vita and their treasures will be featured in the game. I was going to enter, but I am not eligible because I live in the United States and the contest is only available to people outside of the US. I decided to go ahead and finish my drawing anyway and I emailed it to Sanzaru Games anyway. I hope they view it. Obviously I won’t win but I wanted them to see it anyway. Here it is:

Mysterious Monkey Statue

The Mysterious Monkey statue is actually Sanzaru’s mascot I guess since it is part of their logo. I have seen some video previews of the game and it looks really cool. I think they have done a good job taking over the Sly Cooper series. I hope it is even better than the originals.

Here is a link to a video that shows some Sly 4 gameplay. Sorry I couldn’t embed the video itself.

Wiki profile page update

I know that I said that I wouldn’t keep posting updates about the Sly Cooper Wiki, but I am making an exception because I have updated my profile page with fan art and links to other pages that I’ve made. I have the links at the bottom to the other pages that I’ve made on the wiki. One of the links on the page is to a story I wrote about me and my sister secretly being in the Sly Cooper Series. I’m known as Ty the Wolf in the story, and my sister is known as Ash the Leopard. I have pages for both of them too, but as of right now, I have only given a picture and basic info on the pages. Here are some pictures that I posted:


Ty the Wolf
Ty the Wolf


Ash the Leopard
Ash the Leopard


Ty Gliding
Ty Gliding


P.S. I’ve already reached 200 edits to the Sly Cooper Wiki! My 200th edit was the creation of the My Part in the Sly Cooper Story page.

More Sly Cooper Wiki updates

I made EVEN more updates to the Sly Cooper Wiki. There are a lot of things I added, so I will post the link to my page. I added pictures to the Bentley, Murray, Penelope, Clockwerk, Clues, Cooper Van, and Clockwerk Eyes pages. I am going to add more, so check out this link to my profile page to see any other updates I make. I probably won’t post here whenever I make more updates because I don’t want this to turn into the Sly Cooper blog. Then again …


The Cooper Van
The Cooper Van


Happy Murray
Murray In The Sly 4 Safehouse


Murray The Muscle
Murray Freaking Out

P.S. I have crossed the “100 Edits” mark for the wiki. I hope to get more and get a higher status on the site.

Sly Cooper Artwork 3

Here is the third photo of my Sly Cooper Color Blanks. This is the second scene where Sly, Bentley, and Murray are about to make their getaway with the loot on top of their van. There is also Inspector Carmelita Fox in the scene, who is trying to arrest the Cooper Gang, namely Sly. There is also the mechanical villain, Clockwerk, hiding off to the side. I colored all of the Color Blanks with sharpie markers, including my latest color blank, the Cooper van. Here it is:


Sly Cooper Artwork 3
Sly Cooper Artwork 3

Sly Cooper + Kirby!

Here are some pictures that I drew that are mixtures of Sly Cooper Characters and Kirby. Sly Cooper characters are from the Sly Cooper video game series that I love so much. Kirby is a round, pink character made by Nintendo. I thought they would make a funny mixture. Here are the pictures I drew:

Sly Kirby and Kirbylita
Sly Kirby and Kirbylita


Sly Kirby, "The Kirby", and Bentley the Kirby
Sly Kirby, “The Kirby”, and Bentley the Kirby

I added new Sly Cooper photos

I added some new Sly Cooper photos to the Sly Cooper Wiki. I added a lot this time, so I linked to my page with all my contributions. Today I added pictures for a bunch of the different Clockwerk parts, Carmelita, and the Crystal Vase. I am hoping that the Crystal Vase will be chosen as the “Loot Of The Month” for February. The Burial Urn picture I added on January 1 was chosen for the January “Loot Of The Month”.

By the way, the icon for my user page is one of Sly Cooper’s ancestors named Rioichi, who specializes in ninja techniques.

Crystal Vase Loot from Sly Cooper 2, Band of Thieves
The Crystal Vase

Rioichi Cooper
Rioichi Cooper Icon

I uploaded a video to the Sly Cooper Wiki

Here is a playthrough video I created showing the Sly Cooper 2 Band Of Thieves mission Operation: Hippo Drop. I uploaded it to the Sly Cooper Wiki. Operation Hippo Drop is one of the important missions in Sly Cooper 2. It is the last mission in episode 2. In the mission, users have to bomb a bridge as Bentley, dance with Carmelita to distract the crowd as Sly, and protect Murray while he makes a getaway with the Clockwerk wings with the RC chopper. One of my favorite parts in the mission is when Sly dances with Carmelita and distracts the crowd from Murray stealing the Clockwerk wings.


Sly Cooper Wiki

I uploaded photos to my favorite wiki today. It is the Sly Cooper wiki. I uploaded photos to the Rajan, Arpeggio, Jean Bison, Dimitri, Burial Urn (Special Loot), and the Clockwerk Wings pages. I took pictures of some of the Sly Cooper 2 screens today and uploaded those pictures to the wiki. I had to do some photoshopping to be able to upload them. Here is the link:

Cool Rajan picture from Sly Cooper 2