Sly Cooper Artwork 2

I’ve added two more characters to my Sly Cooper artwork. The girl is Inspector Carmelita Fox, who is chasing Sly Cooper. The angry owl flying above Bentley and Murray is called “Clockwerk”. Clockwerk used to be immortal until Sly destroyed him … twice. He is now destroyed, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back in Sly Cooper Thieves In Time since the gang is using time travel. Here is a picture. By the way, the figures are called Color Blanks. I found them at Target in the art section. I color them with markers.

Sly Cooper Fan Art

Happy Birthday Sly!

It’s Sly Cooper’s birthday! Today is the ninth anniversary of when Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus was released. This is one of the video games that started it all for me. I still remember the day that my dad rented it. He went to the video store to rent “Donald Duck Going Quackers.” The store didn’t have that game, so my dad decided to rent Sly Cooper instead. Without Sly I may not be into video games as much, have taken a game creator class, or have made this blog or my podcast! To celebrate this memorable day, I have made some fan art as a birthday present that I would like to share. Happy Birthday Sly!

Sly Fan Art
Murray and Bentley are stealing the loot, while Sly is leaving his little “signature note.”