Speak of the Devil

Joe gets the interview of a lifetime.

Joe played by Tyler Harrington

The Devil played by Tyler Thompson

Cinematographer – Bamba Kimball
Sound Operator – Chayil McMullan
Key Grip – Trevor Irwin

Directed/Edited by Tyler Thompson

Short Film: XII

I had forgotten…

I recently wrapped post production on a short film titled “XII”, which I starred in, directed, wrote, and edited. The story is a mystery horror set in a ghost town, which was shot in the Mojave Desert. It was a spiritual sequel to my “Hope in the Desert” film from years ago, which was one of the first short films I ever created. However, the stories are completely separate. Enjoy!

It can also be found on vimeo, if you click here.

Music Video: A Toast

I recently collaborated with Atlanta artist Shac from da3 to write and direct a music video entitled “A Toast”, where the artist looks back at those who have boosted him to success. Feel free to check it out! The credits for all other crew member and actors are in the video description.

Vlog 2: Heart of NYC

I’ve just released my next vlog. If you like my photography, this one is for you. Check it out below:

If you want to watch my previous vlog first, click here.

Watch Vlog 1 Now!

I just uploaded part one of my newest project: my own vlog! This will be a three part series, however if it is received well I may continue with it further. Watch it below:

If the video is not visible, click here to watch it on my YouTube channel.

I did not post this on my Vimeo channel, which I am choosing to only post my short film projects on, for now.

Let me know what you think on the comments section on YouTube!

New Short Film: The Scarecrow’s Choice

Check out my new short film:

The Scarecrow’s Choice from Tyler Thompson on Vimeo.

If you prefer YouTube, click here.

The film focuses on making choices in life, portraying a Scarecrow forced to either accept or reject his roots in being a fearful, wretched creature. It was written, directed, and stars myself. Narration was performed by Olivia Otts, and camera operation was executed by Robert Thompson.

In other news: I have chosen to move away from calling my channel “Golden King Media” to simply “Tyler Thompson”. I have made this change for a few reasons, mainly simplicity. My channel can be found at vimeo.com/hellotyler now, and I will attempt to update all the links on my site.

Also: I have created a film and photography Instagram channel, at @hellotylerfilms. Give it a follow for the first look at my latest work!

My New Site!

Welcome to my new website!

The logo for Golden King Media

I’ve redesigned everything so this site can work mainly as a portfolio. Since I became inactive on this website a few years ago, I’ve discovered the major passion in my life is filmmaking. The site will mainly be dedicated to posting short films from my Vimeo page for my filmmaking company Golden King Media. Click here to see my Film Project page with my artist’s statement and more information.

I’ve also discovered my love for photography, and my site will feature my photography projects as well. My first published project is titled “Reflections”, where I used a mirror in my photos to reflect objects in the background to the center of the viewer’s attention. Click here to visit the page for that project.

The rest of my notable work is found under Previous Work, which includes the iPad app I worked on, the Podcast I had, and more!

Make sure to check back for my latest work, and subscribe to my Vimeo channel to keep up with my latest film projects!