My New Site!

Welcome to my new website!

The logo for Golden King Media

I’ve redesigned everything so this site can work mainly as a portfolio. Since I became inactive on this website a few years ago, I’ve discovered the major passion in my life is filmmaking. The site will mainly be dedicated to posting short films from my Vimeo page for my filmmaking company Golden King Media. Click here to see my Film Project page with my artist’s statement and more information.

I’ve also discovered my love for photography, and my site will feature my photography projects as well. My first published project is titled “Reflections”, where I used a mirror in my photos to reflect objects in the background to the center of the viewer’s attention. Click here to visit the page for that project.

The rest of my notable work is found under Previous Work, which includes the iPad app I worked on, the Podcast I had, and more!

Make sure to check back for my latest work, and subscribe to my Vimeo channel to keep up with my latest film projects!